Many of us have heard the words of Psalm 188:24 that state, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” While it is meant to encourage, sometimes it ends up inadvertently reinforcing negative feelings instead. We can get to a day we have difficulty with and try to strengthen ourselves with this thought, but then we find from a logical standpoint that it brings up more difficulties to contend with. “Why did the Lord make my day like this? Does that mean He wants me to suffer?” or “Is there something wrong with me because I’m suffering instead of being able to rejoice in this?” These questions can end up creating more distress when we’re already in a stressful place, but a lot of the time there is actually a simple, correctable answer that might be eluding our minds —

Sometimes we try to live a day other than the one the Lord made.

Maybe we rushed right into our to-do list to try and carry out a day of our own manufacturing, or maybe, like the automatic reflex to try and catch a ball that’s unexpectedly thrown in our direction rather than letting it drop to the ground, we picked up an unideal day out of instinct that someone else pushed onto us. Sometimes, rather than trying to strengthen ourselves to persevere, the most productive thing to do instead is go back to the Lord and say, “Hey, I think I made a mistake and picked up the wrong day today. I’d like to trade this one in for the one You intended.”

Other times, it might also be the case that you were indeed living out the right day for yourself and enjoying it greatly, but then someone else came along and did something thoughtless or uncaring that broke it. In this case, too, you can take the broken day back to God and ask Him to fix it. Remember that even though He is all-powerful, He intentionally does not exert control over individual human will and personal choices because that would be detrimental to His wish of being able to have meaningful relationships with us. This means that it is possible for other people to do things that affect us that aren’t a constructive part of the day He wants us to experience, and in such cases He will be happy to either restore the situation or craft a new and better replacement.

On the surface, these may sound like childish suggestions, but the Lord wants to be a loving Heavenly Father to us. He gives us gifts because He wants us to have and enjoy them and because they nourish us and help us grow in both our own self-development and our relationships with Him and others, so it’s very important to Him and not at all an imposition for us to receive what is intended. 

A Day the Lord Has Made.

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