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First of all I’m not ready for this: I’m wearing jeans and sandals at YMCA! Wrong in itself but the excuse is I never really plan on having this trip with the guys until I get to work and walaa, “take the guys to the Y” murmurs the other staff.
Well, that aside; I find myself enjoying a father – son/coach and player experience. The son starts by complaining asking his father for new basketball shoes for the unpicking season. The father (pretending not to hear him) continues to practice his shots and bouncing the ball even harder. Son, (louder this time) goes “dad I really need new shoes for the basketball season these can’t fit” the father (finally responds) “you wore those for a month.” Now the father has to become the coach simply because with the seemingly (month old) sneakers, the son can’t make any basket. “Don’t shoot from far” he tells his son. “You have to come close to the basket and start feeling it then you can start moving away from the basket.” As a spectator I resort that the advice actually works… well at least to a degree. The son finally makes some shots and his face lights up. It’s only to a degree based on the fact that as I notice him take more steps away, the lesser his accuracy goes. But I’m a spectator to someone in training on a Sunday morning. A father trying to help his son become the next Steph Curry. Corrections on every shot and hand gestures showing him how a good shooter should do it, is part of today’s training. A father being a father to his son and may be in the same experience setting his son up for the future. We’ve all seen it: NBA players are almost opening up their own banks considering the money they’re pulling in now (James Haden and Steph Curry both with over $40M/year in their contracts).
Isn’t Sunday morning the best time to scribble something down on a piece of paper? Everything around you seems relaxed in a way. In that relaxed mood one can also notice such moments as a father-son dual. It’s wrong to generalize based on a simple case for any situation at all times after all even this one case I’m noticing is dubitable in a way. But again isn’t American society heading that direction?

By Julius M Lusse


Sunday Morning.

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