Umar Katende Mukiibi, Founder WriteThing. Currently living in Everett MA, 02149. Goes to Salem state University, Salem MA. Freelance Writer and Blogger  Email: Tel: 781-350-0453



Lives in MityanaKampalaBhopalHyderabadAmsterdamNew York, Everett. Freelance writer, blogger, and occasional poet, research Psychologist focusing on wide range of specialty areas of cognition at SalemState University past Makerere and Namilyango College.ASDL Ambassador since 2010. Spent a few months in Madhya Pradesh India, and was ‘certified’ in Computer systems and networks (I’m yet to pick my certificate). Also visited that wonder of the world, the Taj. Hate cats and greedy people. Philly Bongole Lutaaya is the greatest musician. Ronaldo is better than Messi. Tom Brady is not human.
Patriots. Bruins. Celtics. Red Sox. Kimi Raikkonnen. The Wallabies. Can watch cricket all day. Quirky, huh? That’s all I can remember, for now. There’s a whole lot I’ve left out.